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Online Taxi Insurance

Online taxi insurance, from Acorn.

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Online Taxi Insurance

Get a Taxi Insurance Quote Online

Acorn are one of the biggest online taxi insurance companies in the UK and have almost 40 years’ industry experience.

Our online taxi insurance offers:

  • Flexible annual and short term taxi cover
  • Almost 40 years of taxi insurance experience
  • Our dedicated UK-based insurance team
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Get a Competitive Quote Online for Your Taxi Insurance

In our capacity as a taxi insurance provider, we have helped numerous taxi drivers find specialist, affordable taxi cover. We offer both annual and short-term cover, whether you’re a public or private hire taxi driver. Acorn Insurance also specialises in helping those who may have previous claims, driving convictions or points on their licence. Contact us to find out more.

For an online quote for UK taxi cover, simply click “Get a Quote” now. Alternatively, call our UK-based team now to discuss your minicab insurance needs – we’ll help you find a policy that works for you: 01704 33 99 22

Your Taxi Policy

Acorn provide online cover for all kinds of taxi driver. Clicking “Get a Quote” will take you to our online quote form; fill in your details clearly to obtain a specialised taxi insurance quote. We will ensure that you get the best deal and most relevant quote for your needs. Acorn taxi policies offer the following features:

  • 24/7 accident & claims helpline
  • Comprehensive; Third Party, Fire & Theft; or Third Party Only
  • Glass windscreen cover
  • Public liability insurance as standard on annual policies
  • Competitive cover, even if you’ve got points on your licence
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